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You could potentially miss this little cafe, hidden on a modest strip of shops and offices on (fittingly) Whitehorse Road. The only real indicator of its existence is a giant sign in the shape of a horse, which we could assume is the Snow Pony.

Snow Pony, created by Mr Jones, is apart of the same herd as Porgie + Mr Jones in Hawthorn and Friends of Mine in Richmond, and whilst its menu shares the same DNA, Snow Pony still has a sense of individuality.

Mum had already been to this cafe once before, and had really enjoyed the coffee, so we decided to head on down to grab some breakfast. The space has at least three very different seating areas - a modern seating area in the front room, with a long communal table, a converted outdoor passage, where you can enjoy the feeling of being outside without being affected by the elements, and an outdoor courtyard out the back. And, despite it's secret location, Snow Pony needs all the seating it can get. We arrived at around 9am on a Wednesday, and the place was already at half-capacity.

One of Snow Pony's classics: smashed avocado with thyme-buttered mushrooms, marinated feta, torn basil, on wholegrain toast. I could never look past smashed avocado and this was definitely worthwhile.
The design of this little cafe is considered, with sleek lines and pops of colour to contrast with the blackened walls to distract from the dullness of Whitehorse Road. You can enjoy passing the time by reading some of the quotes scrawled on the walls.

The importance of fresh, organic, and local produce is obvious here, as all of the suppliers of the food are credited at the bottom of the menu - organic bread from Noisette, mushrooms from Ricard the mushroom man, and eggs from Shelley and Allen Green.

I was disappointed when mum ordered simple poached eggs with thyme-buttered mushrooms, when there were so many good, elaborate options on the menu, but she definitely enjoyed them.
The menu is filled with unique and cleverly named items like, "Giddy Up" (a big breakfast with bacon, eggs, slow roasted tomato, avocado, avocado and thyme buttered mushrooms) and the "McPony" (an English muffin with ham off the bone and scrambled eggs) - maybe a nod to the fast food chain just a little way up the road. I'd definitely choose this cafe over the fast food chain any day.

Saddle up, breakfast fans, and gallop on down to Snow Pony - but try and get in early or late because this is definitely a hit, for locals and travellers alike.

Snow Pony
95 Whitehorse Road, Balwyn
9816 8911

Mon - Fri: 8am to 4pm
Sat - Sun: 8:30am to 4pm


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