Review: Romulus & Remus

A favourite in Roman mythology, the story of Romulus and Remus details quarrelling twin brothers who were responsible for founding the city. The story ends with Romulus killing his brother and naming the city Roma, of course, after himself.

Whilst the restaurant in Richmond doesn't have a blood-spattered origin story, it does share a common interest with the ancient twins (and all Italians in general) - a love to feast. And this is the manifesto that the Italian and Mediterranean-inspired restaurant has adopted: "traditional feasting for today".
My pizza: lamb kofta, caramelised onion, goat's cheese, pine nuts, rocket, and pomegranate molasses (a unique smokey taste that was on point - melt in your mouth good)
My mum and I had been meaning to visit this place for weeks now, so we finally decided we couldn't put it off any longer and headed down for a celebratory "I successfully made it through my first week of university" lunch. Neither of us ate breakfast in preparation.

Mum's lunch: Campari and dill cured salmon with a chilli lemon tuna tartare and tomato and avocado salad served with a sesame tuile (it didn't look this nice when she was done with it).
The menu is designed to share with mates, decked out with salumi and antipasto sharing plates, which vary every day, a unique and mouthwatering range of pizzas and pastas, and share plates both small (arancini's or calamari) and large (lamb filled with eggplant puree, which serves three). We both had a hard time choosing what dishes to eat.

Fresh bread, baked that morning, served with olive oil to dip
The restaurant has a focus on local produce and I always forget what a huge difference this makes on the quality of the food. Coupled with excellent cooking, the food tasted fresh and full of flavour and the servings were generous without making you feel ashamed or bloated when you look down and see there's not a scrap left on your plate. 

Also, the staff there were knowledgable and helpful when explaining how the menu actually works, giving tips on what wine would go well with what dishes and suggestions on what their favourites to eat were.

The actual interior of the restaurant radiates a Mediterranean vibe. The space is huge, filled with recycled timber, an array of different seating options, copper and softness created by the olive trees. Despite the large space, the restaurant still has an informal, communal dining feel.

If you're ever driving down Bridge Road, the distinctive logo of Romulus and Remus will definitely catch your eye - I suggest you make a mental note to drop in the next time you're in the mood for a feast (or even just the next time you're hungry).

Romulus & Remus
648 Bridge Road, Richmond
9429 3042

Open daily for lunch and dinner


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