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Axil Coffee Roasters sits on Burwood Road (next door to a favourite of mine, The Hawthorn Common) and is owned by two of the best baristas in Australia, Dave Makin and Zoey Delaney. If you're a coffee novice or connoisseur, you are sure to enjoy a cuppa at Axil - they even won the Best Coffee award in The Age Cafe guide. The beans are roasted on site with special blends on offer every week.

My breakfast (the perfect thing to cure my hangover at the time): baked eggs in a spicy roasted capsicum sauce with Meredith goats feta, dukkah, and pumpkin toast, perfect for dipping. I love baked eggs because I love dipping bread in sauce - that's the Italian in me I think. 
Mum and I have been meaning to visit Axil for a while, driving past hundreds of times, and noticing the understated but eye-catching black exterior and logo. It was a windy day, but with the new puppy, we had to buck up and sit outside. Even though we were the only ones outside and it was quite busy inside (which it seems to always be, we weren't forgotten by the staff. They were friendly (the waiter talked to us about our puppy and told me my order was a good choice) and the service was prompt.

Mum decided to build her own breakfast this morning, choosing two pieces of toast, with roasted tomatoes and Meredith goats feta. She said it was delicious. 
The Axil menu is inviting, with an all day breakfast menu (thank you whoever came up with that stroke of genius) and lunch menu starting at midday, both featuring the usual fare that Melbournians have grown to love (and it’s comfort food done well, which is why so many people keep coming back). Axil also has a focus on fresh and seasonal produce, an attitude that more and more cafes have.

The different coffee offerings of the day, with descriptions of what they will taste like. 
I only got a peak inside, but the interior of Axil is reminiscent of a converted warehouse. The space is huge. There are exposed pipes, naked light bulbs hanging from the high ceiling, a wall of flowerpots to contrast and sooth the cold industrial look. The barista counter is fitting for a King and treated more like a throne. Axil is no ordinary brunch eatery, but an impressive operation.

Axil offers barista classes for those who want to learn!
If you're a coffee lover (or just want to taste what good coffee actually tastes like) than it would be remiss of you to put off visiting Axil any longer. With a nice atmosphere, you'll enjoy spending time at Axil.

Axil Coffee Roasters
322 Burwood Road, Hawthorn
9819 0091

Mon - Sun: 7am to 4pm


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