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With a new (and very excitable) puppy in our lives, mum and I are taking every opportunity to we can to tire him out so he sleeps well when we get home. Today we decided to bring him along to Fitzroy, to grab some lunch, and get him used to a part of town we visit often.

Located in the quieter backstreets of Fitzroy we found Breakfast Thieves, built into the remains of McRobertson’s old chocolate factory (mum said that her grandmother used to always have McRobertson confectionary around the house when she was growing up).

I would dare say this was one of the best meals I've had this year: "Buddha's Feast" - crisp rosemary and parmesan polenta, served with homemade cream corn, asparagus, mushroom, grated pecorino and a poached egg (I asked for it without the egg). It was delicious and unlike anything else I've really ever had before (also I'm a sucker for polenta). 
One of the best things about this café is that it continuously plays with the theme of its name. The menu is filled with dishes named after thieves in history, fairy-tales and children’s storybooks. On the breakfast menu you can find a dish named after the “Leprechaun”, and for lunch you can taste the “Robin Hood”.

Mum got soft boiled eggs with soldiers because she wasn't that hungry. How impressive is that tower. It didn't even look like it was going to fall when the waitress was bringing it out. Soldiers are making another appearance on a menu - I don't know why it's a thing suddenly but I'm not complaining. 
Mum pointed out that all the dishes use really interesting and creative combinations (Breakfast Thieves describes their cuisine as Australian with a “tantalizing Asian edge” – can’t get much better than that), which all result in flavoursome and generous dishes. The coffee is from STREAT rosters, which should be more than reason enough to order one (other than the fact that it’s a delicious flavour). There are also homemade biscuits and other sweet and savoury items available at the front counter.

My skinny chai latte - I just like it when they bring it out with a teapot. 
We sat outside, because of the dog and it wasn’t as cold as the grey, Melbourne, winter skies would have led you to believe. The staff were friendly and offered to turn on the heaters for us but we didn’t need it (also I didn’t really want to get that thing where half your face is boiling and the other is freezing). I got a peak of the interior though. It's cozy, in a cool, industrial, warehouse kind of way, with low hanging light bulbs, neutral and natural tones, plants, and communal seating. It was pretty packed and busy when we were there, even though it was Tuesday lunchtime.

The design and fonts used at this place were really nice. Also I'm not sure what the logo is but I really dig the tiny fox as their secondary logo. Who doesn't like foxes? 
The chef at Breakfast Thieves said, “We are all thieves when it comes to fine food”. And to be honest, the food here was good enough to steal it’s way into my heart and being one of my new favourite spots in Melbourne.

Breakfast Thieves
Shop 1, 420 Gore Street, Fitzroy
9416 4884

Tues - Fri: 7:30am to 4pm
Sat - Sun: 8am to 4pm


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