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Being on uni break for exams, and soon holidays, my friends and I have a fair bit of time to kill. Today A, G and I had an hour to spare, so we decided to drive to Heidelberg and check out Vyve for lunch and a chat, on the suggestion of A.

A ordered lamb off the bone with feta, rocket, homemade aioli, and lamb jus served in a wrap with a fresh Greek salad. Tapping into her family heritage, A was keen for this when she suggested going to Vyve in the first place, and was not disappointed. 
The food here was pretty impressive, all of us finding it difficult to choose what we wanted - did we want something from the breakfast menu (as none of us had eaten yet) or did we want something more lunchy. We all settled with a lunch option. The head chef, Bruno Lima, blends South American and Mediterranean flavours to create this interesting menu.

G ordered the Burgerndy Street (black angus beef, American cheddar, egg (asked for the egg to be removed), bacon, tomato, lettuce, caramelised onion, housemade pickles, tomato sauce, mustard, and housemade mayo, served on a brioche bun). Half of me reckons she did it just so she could say the pun, but she was pretty happy with this choice. 
The breakfast menu is served until 3:30 and is focussed on fresh and premium local produce. Their free-range eggs are from Kangaroo Island and the organic sourdough bread is one of Melbourne's favourites, Zeally Bay. The lunch menu has an extensive burger list, as well as gourmet hot dogs if you're feeling daring. The quality of the ingredients certainly showed in the taste.

I ordered the veggie (mushroom and spinach rice patty, American cheddar, rocket, semi-dried tomatoes, and sweet chilli sauce on a brioche bun). That patty literally melted in my mouth when I took a bite, it was delicious. 
The coffee is also impressive, with beans from Atomica as well as a single origin bean available if you ask. There are also freshly squeezed juices, frappes, smoothies, milkshakes, and tea available. A had a moan when she realised she was craving a milkshake right after she ordered a Coke.

The burgers didn't come with fries but you can't have burgers without fries so we ordered a bowl to share. They came with housemade aioli and tomato sauce for dipping. The waitress suggested we try a chip with the two sauces together and they tasted like a sweet chilli sauce - three sauces in one, brilliant! 
The vibe at Vyve is laid back, and you feel instantly comfortable when you're there - something that Melbourne cafe's are pretty good at mastering. The place was packed full of locals - friends just catching up over some coffee or something to eat. The staff were all really friendly and willing to help with whatever we needed. They also have a really cool, simplistic logo, which I dug.

Even though it felt like a bit of a dine and dash because we hoofed down our meals in under fifteen minutes, all three of us were pretty impressed with the place (and were severely full afterwards). We agreed to go back and try it next time we were all free.

Vyve Cafe and Restaurant
184 Burgendy Street, Heidelberg
9458 2222

Mon - Sat: 7:30am to 4:30pm
Sun: 8am to 4:30pm


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