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WARNING! If you're not a nature person or if you think your day would be ruined by squealing children and farm animals flying around your head or roaming freely by your feet than this isn't the place for you. But if you appreciate, or want to try, a rural outdoor dining experience 5km's from the CBD, than you've got to visit this cafe.

My breakfast: I decided to go with a sweeter option for the first time in ages. "Autumn Pear", a poached pear with nut granola, vanilla yoghurt mousse, sticky pear butterscotch and brioche. Pears during winter always feels like a comfort, and this was definitely a delicious and comforting meal. 
Mum and I decided to walk down to The Farm Cafe for our weekly breakfast out. It's a deceiving distance - by car it would only take us two minutes but it's a pretty substantial walk. We definitely walked up an appetite. We wanted to go somewhere so we could bring Jack the puppy and sit outside. Little did we know that The Farm Cafe is only outside seating and is so dog friendly that they actually ask people to bring their dogs inside the walls.

The Farm Cafe initially started as a monthly coffee and pancake stall by two volunteers, Pip and Tom, with an enthusiastic vision. The farm offered a small kitchen and veggie garden and it's success has transformed it into a popular cafe.

Mum's breakfast: Look how interesting mum's choice was today!! She went with the "Goat's Toast" (and to be honest I was a little bit jealous of how delicious this looked), creamy goat's curd, house beetroot relish, avocado, a poached egg, and herbs on toast, with an added side of bacon). Mum raved about how much she loved beetroot, so this was the perfect dish for her. 
The Farm Cafe boasts a paddock-to-plate ethic when it comes to the food. The ingredients are organic and free-range, either homegrown from the Farm itself or sourced from local producers. The menu is filled with a varied range of wholesome yet innovative dishes, proving that even farm food can be interesting. The freshness of the ingredients was proven with every bite - full of flavour.

The coffee options are limited (which in a way is kind of refreshing, as this cafe doesn't pretend to be anything it's not. It's more about the produce and the experience, rather than providing unique and impressive coffees). But the coffee that was served was delicious, and served in an eclectic range of mugs, which was a nice touch.

I loved how eclectic the collection of mugs available were. Mum's coffee mug was reminiscent of what you get when you get camping. Very farm-esque. Mum got a latte, which she loved, and I got a skinny chai latte, which was also delicious. 
Located inside the Collingwood Children's Farm, there are two entrances to the cafe - one from the outside of the farm (which is free entry) and one from the inside, so you can eat at the end of the farm journey. You can't cross from one side of the cafe to the other. The cafe only has outside seating, which is a unique and nice aspect of your dining experience. The wind had a bite to it, but the sun was beautiful and kept mum and I warm so we weren't too fussed by this winter weather. During the summer this place would be glorious - and probably hard sought after.

To find the cafe you have to follow a trail of signs, all which adorn this pair of cute looking birds, following crumbs. 
This farmyard feel is unlike anything else I've experienced at a cafe and would be very hard to replicate. It doesn't feel forced or manufactured. The atmosphere is relaxed and natural. The staff are all very friendly (and dog crazy, with each waiter coming and patting Jack at every chance they could).

This is definitely a place mum and I will be going back to visit. One because Jack can sit outside happily with us. Two because I also love being outside, so a cafe that only enables outside seating seems like the perfect place for me to eat. The atmosphere is communal and inviting and the food is delicious. You may have to plan your time to visit wisely though, because it can get busy fast.

The Farm Cafe Reloaded, Winter, 29th of July:

Dad has a week off work and I had a day off university so we decided to take the opportunity to get some lunch together as a family: mum, dad, Jack the puppy and I. We hedged our bets against the weather, hoping that it would stay clear, and took the risk to walk down to The Farm Cafe.

Dad decided to order the Soup of the Day - cauliflower and almond soup with a side of buttered sourdough taste. It had been freshly cooked that morning and he said it was exactly what he needed. 
I ordered the Baked Beans - slow cooked fennel seed and tomato beans topped with creamy feta, green herb persillade, a poached egg, and buttered sourdough toast. I also got given what I'm pretty sure was chilli salt, either way it was delicious. I love baked beans and it was exactly what I needed on the wintery day. 
Mum ordered the corned beef, sweet mustard pickles, and cheddar baguette. She loved this sandwich and raved about how much she loves pickles.
We also got a side of fried potatoes because, how could you not? 
The Farm Cafe
18 St Heliers Street, Abbotsford, Collingwood Children's Farm
9415 6581

Mon - Sun: 9am to 4pm


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