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Kebabs are notoriously famous for being the perfect food to eat when drunk, hungover, or if you're nostalgically craving something a little bit greasy to warm you up. The third (and maybe also the second) was the reason why R, I, J and me decided to meet up and grab a kebab on this bitter winter Melbourne day.

My falafel kebab with salad, tomato and garlic sauce. This was my first time eating here as a vegetarian. Originally I used to order the chicken kebab, but the falafel option might have become my new favourite. The falafel's were melt in my mouth delicious. 
The kebabs sold at Killer Kebabs & Sauces are "doner kebabs". Doner kebabs are the Turkish version of the dish. They're made of cooked meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie, normally lamb, but also a mixture of veal or beef, and sometimes chicken, sliced vertically into thin, crisp shavings. The meat may be served on a plate or in flatbread. It's a common fast food in Turkey, the Middle East, Europe, and Australia!

R and I ordered lamb and chicken mixed kebab with salad, garlic sauce and BBQ sauce. Neither of them have tried the meat by themselves but prefer the taste of them together. 
We Australian's have embraced the kebab with open arms. It seems that everyone has that one kebab shop that will always be known as selling the best kebabs they've ever tasted, regardless if they're actually the best or not.

Generally the finished product when ordering a kebab. An empty bag (after eating all the meat or falafel that has fallen out of the bread) and some sauce all over your fingers, pants, and shirt. 
Killer Kebabs & Sauces, was only a 10-15 minute walk from R, I and my high school, so we would always knick down there in our spares or lunch break to buy a kebab, which is why it's our favourite. J on the other hand named a kebab place around the corner from his house as his favourite.

The kebabs we ordered were:
  • My kebab was falafel with salad, tomato, and garlic sauce. 
  • J ordered lamb with salad, no tomato, garlic sauce and BBQ sauce (he was only meant to get garlic sauce and was happy that the BBQ sauce was subtle). 
  • R and I got mixed kebabs with lamb and chicken, salad, garlic and BBQ sauce. 

6$ kebabs how could you refuse! 
Killer Kebabs & Sauces isn't any different to many other kebab stores, but it's our regular local spot. Especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays because they sell kebabs for 6$, which is a deal that four uni students (especially R who doesn't work) can't ignore. They're also going to be selling hot chips as well as other classic fast food options next week, which is the perfect accompaniment for kebabs.

This made me chuckle: "Kebabologist". The staff behind the counter are what you expect in a kebab store. Generally disgruntled, wanting to get your order and meal finished as quickly as possible. 

Of course there's probably places where you can find more gourmet versions of the kebab. But if you want a real, street food version, with sloppy sauce and crispy meat or melt in your mouth falafel, this is the place I will always turn to.

Killer Kebabs & Sauces
643 Burwood Road, Hawthorn
9813 4344

Tues - Sat: 10am to 9pm

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