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I’m eating meat again!!! (By the end I think I was being vegetarian just to see how long I could last without meat and I started getting sick. I’m thinking, just to have some structure to what I eat, of trying out a revised version of the Paleo Diet – get back to my roots and eat how our ancestors used to eat – because it’s impossible to exist in Melbourne as a young woman and not have some kind of diet to complain about). For my first taste of meat, mum and I decided to go to our favourite neighbourhood café.
Near the corner of Burwood Road and Power Street, in that busy, little shopping strip, is a quaint café called Muharam Cafe. Apparently, it’s named after the owner, Maliq Deane’s, mother, which explains it’s homely feel.

Mum and I both went with DIY breakfasts today. I got toast with bacon and baked beans. God I realised how much I miss bacon and those baked beans were delicious. I would love to take a trip around Melbourne and try every cafe's baked beans because there are very few dishes I like more. 
Fresh, organic, wholesome, animal-friendly produce is all the rage nowadays (let’s hope it’s not a phase because it really does provide better quality food as well as happier animals) and Muharam is definitely leading the charge in what they call, “making a difference in the right direction” (pulled from their website).
All their meat comes from Cannings Butcher across the road (which just happens to be my family butcher – Cannings also sells some of Muharam’s curries, are a must-try) and is free range. They have a hanging herb garden and their bread is sourced from Noisette. Their aim is to present delicious food that is simple, yet irresistible, with menus formed by correlating the seasons with their instinct. And they definitely succeed in their aim. The experience is made even better by Muharam’s keen eye for presentation. They make use of a lot of wooden boards, deep bowls, and are liberal with the coriander garnish.

Mum built her breakfast with toast, roasted tomatoes and roasted mushrooms. She comes to Muharam often, even more than me, and she's always satisfied. Also, if you're ever here for lunch, you've gotta try the chicken sandwich - it's unparalleled. 
Muharam also considers itself a serious coffee destination. Their coffee is by “The Four Rascals” and “Rapscallion” is the preferred blend, just another hint of Muharam’s playful and fun attitude. “Rapscallion” is comprised of beans from eight different origins, predominately South American, with some robusta thrown in for extra kapow – filled with spicy, nutty undertones, and finishes with a hint of sweetness to create a complex blend with a cheeky punch.

I'm sorry for taking a picture of my coffee half drunken, but I couldn't wait. This is one of the best tasting chai's I've ever had. Hot and strong - perfect for a chilly winter morning. Mum loved her flat white as well. She said it was strong and just what she needed as well. 
Muharam juxtaposes the old and the new, decorating exposed brick walls with hanging bicycle wheels and keeping a simple yellow and white colour palette. You can’t help but feeling happy when you’re inside – especially with how smiley and helpful the staff are. Out the back is a decked courtyard where customers can sit to soak in the sun.

There's a reason why this place is one of our family favourites. It comes down to the perfect combination: good quality food, great tasting coffee, friendly staff, and a nice environment - what else could you ask for?

Muharam Cafe
97 Burwood Road, Hawthorn
9818 7722

Tues - Fri: 7:45am to 3:30pm
Sat - Sun: 8:30am to 3:30pm


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