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Having finished High School, I'm finding it increasingly harder to stay in touch with my friends. Uni, work, relationships, just general life keeps getting in the way. And now I've gotten myself into an even tricker position, having made a new friend today.
Mum was going to the Food and Wine Festival today so she wanted to have a light breakfast so she wouldn't get too full. She picked the fresh seasonal fruits with rosewater syrup, honeyed yoghurt, and coconut and almond crumble. I was envious of how good this looked. 
Mum and I decided to visit Friends of Mine for breakfast today. Housed on the quieter end of Swan Street, I was surprised to see that it was so busy on a Friday mid-morning. But that sums up Melbourne's attitude towards coffee and breakfast. If it's good, we'll be there. 

Friends of Mine is another brainchild of cafe-extraordinaire Jason Jones, sister of Porgie + Mr Jones and Snow Pony (read my review here). The menu is similar, featuring the famous smashed avocado dish, however Friends of Mine also has some added goodies. They serve seasonal breakfast all day (something a lot of cafes are doing recently, which I could happily get used to) and a lunch menu, which ranges from filled baguettes to larger meals. 

I decided to DIY it today because I couldn't decide from the menu, choosing folded eggs with herbs, thyme buttered mushrooms, 12 hour roasted tomatoes, and smashed avocado. A classic but I was satisfied. I liked the sizes - it wasn't too big but just filling enough and the presentation were beautiful. 
They also sell Noisette bread and little sweets out the front, if you want to grab something to nibble on-the-go when you order your coffee. The back of the menu reads "You are beautiful", a nice little pick-me-up (especially for me, who had a late night the night before and wasn't feeling too flash). 

All the furniture in the cafe had been sourced by friends of the owners - which explains both the name, and the dis-synchrony between rooms. The first room features a cacophony of wood, glass, exposed brick, industrial lights, and a communal table. In the second dining room, chandeliers hang overhead and featured artwork is displayed on the walls. Despite the fact that they are quite different, both rooms retain quite a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. 

I decided to get a juice today (I have no idea why). "The moral high ground", with apple, cucumber, kale, celery and flaxseed. Yes I'm jumping on the superfood bandwagon, but why not? It was delicious and the jar it came in was a nice touch. 
The staff were friendly, and wore cute denim aprons with the word "friends" sewed onto them. Even though it was slightly busy, the waitress even took a moment to joke with us about the drink I had ordered. 

Friends of Mine is a bit like seeing your best mate after a bad day. Familiar and comforting, it's definitely a place I'd like to go back and visit again. 


Friends of Mine
9428 7516

Mon - Fri: 7am to 4pm 
Sun - Sat: 7:30am to 4pm

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