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Wade Nicholson-Doyle was following in his grandfather’s footsteps when he joined the navy (previously, he worked in the hospitality industry – no surprises there). His grandfather, William ‘Paddy’ Doyle, was an Irish sailor in the Royal Navy, but he decided that it was time for a sea change, so he jumped ship to start a new life in Australia.

I ordered the spiced granola with vanilla yoghurt and seasonal fruits and it has turned me into a granola fan. All I can think about is granola, it's all I want to eat now. Not too sweet or sugary and the perfect amount of yoghurt. 
I have finished university for the semester, which can either mean one of two things - going out and eating a lot more, or working a lot more so I'll be too busy to go out (at least with the latter I'll have more money to go out). To celebrate, mum and I decided to grab some lunch. When I told her Hello Sailor was nautical theme, she said, "But we're not wearing anything nautical?"
Mum was feeling sick so I convinced her to get the soldiers with soft boiled eggs and a salsa verde type thing. She complained after ordering it, but when it came, I've never seen her eat anything so quickly. But we both noticed that soldiers are creeping back onto menus now. It's like mum said - "Are soldiers the hip new thing now?"
The menu is pretty short, but sweet, with all-day breakfast and a four-option lunch menu – the meatballs were all out, and it was probably the day for it. The options rotate seasonally and you can taste the quality with every bite. The coffee was delicious, but of course it would be as it comes via Seven Seeds. Tea from Storm in a Teacup, and you can buy loaves of Noisette bread to take home with you.

Do it yourself soy chai latte. Feel like a bit of a tool every time I order a chai latte (especially now that I'm taking soy) but what're you gonna do, I like the taste. This was a proper chai as well, with actual spices. Not a drop of cinnamon in sight. 
The interiors involve soft organic colours, white paint, wood furniture, and stone floors. Mum had been in here a few times when it was an Interior Decorator studio, and she said that the change was unbelievable, she barely recognised the place. You can plant yourself on a bar stool at the long stone counter, sit by the window and watch Auburn Road (which will either be teeming with students on the way to the train or sleepy locals wandering around).

Really groovy logo on the back of the menu's. Reminded me of the stereotypical navy tattoo. 
The most exciting part of this café is that it does slightly transport you into a ship (a modern, cleaner, less motion sick-inducing one though). The wooden planks that line the walls are reminiscent of a hull. Copper piping reminds me of the industrial ship feel. And framed pictures of sailors line the walls, including one of Paddy in the navy.

Hello Sailor Reloaded, Winter, 22nd of August 

I had a blood test this morning - what a wonderful start to the day! It meant that I couldn't eat for 8+ hours before the test, so by the time I left the doctor's office at 10am, I was absolutely ravenous and in a rotten mood. Mum wasn't willing to put up for that for long, so she decided to treat me, and take me out to a little spot nearby that we both liked the first time we went. The vibe was as good as it was the first time - comfortable, low-key, perfect for what two hungry people needed in the morning.

Mum and I both ordered a flat white. I love how nice the crockery here is. Minimal and made out of strong, smooth, stone-like materials, something that would survive a journey on a ship. And something that felt really pleasing to hold. Mum reckons she's always gotten flat white's but I reckon she's nuts.
I'm getting used to mum's unexciting ordering. She's literally like one of those cafe goers, who goes for the experience rather than the food, which is nice. She's satisfied with a nice pair of poached eggs on toast. She rated the toast. 
I suppose I can't talk though - I got the spiced granola with vanilla yoghurt and seasonal fruit again. The accompaniments had changed from last time though, which made it exciting. Now it came with poached pears, as well as berries and dried fruits and nuts! It was even better than I remembered, some of the best granola out there. 

Hello Sailor
89 Auburn Road, Hawthorn
9813 5560

Mon - Fri: 7am to 4pm
Sat - Sun: 8am to 4pm


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