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I know I have mentioned (a fair few times) how much I love breakfast menus - especially all day ones. I'm not one for eating my own words, but I'd like to slightly modify what I previously said. I do love breakfast menu's, but I'm starting to crave seeing something different to the usual smashed avocado fare. (To be completely honest, if I see one more smashed avocado on a menu I think I might lose my mind - and smash something more than just the avocados).

Mum and I headed down to the southern end of Church Street for our brunch this morning, a part of Melbourne that is quickly becoming home to popular eateries - Kong BBQ and Baby Pizza both stationed down there. Top Paddock is no exception, a busy cafe residing next to somewhat of a paddock (a square of grass) and design office buildings.

All the suppliers of the produce - the people who work hard to ensure that the food we get to eat is of good quality. 
The menu at Top Paddock is the answer to my prayers. Head chef, Jesse McTavish, has crafted a menu that is filled with unique options - mum and I spent a fair amount of time carefully considering what would be best to order (I even asked for a recommendation from the waiter I was that conflicted). It's an all-day menu, which is a freedom that I think we have long deserved. Why can't I have a steak sandwich for breakfast? I don't often get up before midday anyway, so most days my lunch is my breakfast.

My breakfast today (based on the suggestion of the waiter): roasted kipfler potatoe and leek omelette with padron peppers and taleggio on toast with the extra of jamon serrano. I loved this idea of having a "deconstructed omelette", making for absolutely beautiful presentation. It was delicious too - I'm a sucker for strong cheese, I could've done with more pieces of that taleggio. 
The main focus at Top Paddock is on using the finest produce, sourced locally (it prides itself on the traceability of its ingredients), which is sustainable and environmentally conscious. The food is quite literally from the Top Paddock’s in Australia, and the produce suppliers are listed on the menu so you know where it’s coming from. The menu is seasonal as well, so you can be assured the produce is fresh).

Mum's breakfast: gin and lime cured Huon ocean trout fillet with pickled baby beetroots, potato galette, poached eggs, leaves, goats curd and toast. Mum was stoked with her choice today - I think all the ingredients on the plate were some of her favourites. She devoured this quicker than my dish. 
The most exceptional thing about Top Paddock though is it’s plating. You can really see the love that has gone into the preparation and presentation of their dishes. And this plating visually feeds and satisfies the eyes so even if you haven’t eaten a lot, you think you have because of the way it’s been delicately and precisely placed on your plate.

My latte and mum's flat white (sorry about the fact that we had drunk a bit but we were both desperate for that caffeine hit) 
The coffee hails from Five Senses, providing a selection of house blend and single origin beans available every day. There are two separate coffee machines on site – one for takeaway orders and one for those who are eating in. Bit of a tip though: during the coffee rush hours your food may arrive before your coffee. Don’t worry though, the taste will be worth the wait – one of the main comments made in regards to the coffee here is that it’s “consistently good”.

The ambience of the place, despite the fact that it was packed to the rafters, was very chill – definitely a place you feel like you could return to again and again. This may be down to the décor. I reckon anywhere that is bathed in natural light via multiple skylights and large windows is bound to be more relaxed than places lit artificially, something to do with getting closer to nature.

This open expanse of a building has an interesting lay out, with split-levels, and plenty of seating hugging the windows. The layout has cleverly provided a huge expanse of seating available, whilst still providing a sense of cosiness. Natural greenery is dispersed throughout the entire building, even dangling from above, which pops against the black and white fixtures and tiles throughout the rooms.

There's a reason people come from near and far to try out the fare at Top Paddock. It's reminiscent of a local country cafe, with similar values and atmosphere, in the heart of Melbourne.

Top Paddock
658 Church Street, Richmond
9429 4332

Mon - Fri: 7am to 4pm
Sat - Sun: 8am to 4pm


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